Friday, 13 October 2017

Mini Scientist

The mini scientist competition is upon us again. As most of you are aware, our school placed 2nd in Ireland in last years competition. All children participate in the science fair. The children work in groups up to 4 or can work independently if they so wish. The school science fair will take place on Thursday, November 16th. The school science fair will be judged by Intel staff. The children have started to come up with ideas this week that need to be finalised by next week. This will give them just over 4 weeks to work and develop their ideas, build models etc. Their idea's will be on display for the whole school, as every class has an opportunity to see their work.
Time will be allocated to project work in class, but children will have to further develop their ideas and projects at home. Adults can guide, monitor and support work where necessary. I appreciate your support and patience.

More Information and criteria can be found at:

More helpful websites to help you brain storm are:

**Side note if any parents who work in science would like to come in during science week to give a talk or do some experiments with the class, please send me an email. You'd be very welcome!!

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