Monday, 29 January 2018

Homework 29/1 - 1/2/18

This week's homework.

   1. Dirty                          óg (young)
2. Rainy                         bróg (shoe)
3. Lazy                           bróga (shoes)
4. Nosy                          spúnóg (spoon)
5. Cheesy                      sceallóga (chips)
6. Greasy                       bábóg (doll)
7. Funny                         feadóg (whistle)
8. Runny                         seamróg (shamrock)
9. Spotty                         dallóga (blinds)
10. Rosy                             leadóg (tennis)
11. Cloudy
12. sneaky
13. guilty

Reading Under the Hawthorn Tree Ch 10 
Maths Sheet Q1 
Gaeilge Spellings Sheet 

Under the Hawthorn Tree Ch 10 questions 
Maths Q2 
Gaeilge Read passage sa cisitin 
Finish handwriting 

English conjunctions sheet section B
Maths Q3 and 4 
Gaeilge Ceisteanna 1-6 

Conjunctions Sheet section C
Maths Q 5 and 6 
Super sentences Gaeilge x 3 and English x 3 

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Otsukaresama deshita, お疲れ様でした! International Week

 Last week was International Week. We had a very busy week in 4th Class. On Monday, Mr. Watanabe from the Japanese Embassy came to visit. He was very impressed with our knowledge of Japan, and loved seeing all our projects. On Tuesday we had a samba drumming work shop. On Wednesday we dressed up as our Country. Many children wore red and white to represent Japan. Geni came in to teach us Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Arigatou Geni Sensei!
On Thursday, We tried our hand at making sushi! It was a hit with some more than others! We also did a display of work for 5th class, who came to view our projects.
Thank you all for your participation! I hope you enjoyed learning about Japan!  Here are a few photos from our various events. Otsukaresama deshita - Thank you for your work.

Mr Watanabe from the Japan Embassy came to talk to us about Japan! 

Maria displayed many of her souvenirs from Japan. Totoro, kokeshi dolls and hello kitty were among our favourites. 

We enjoyed our samba drumming workshop! 

Maria wore a yukata on dress up day. A yukata is a summer kimono made out of cotton. It is commonly worn during summer festivals in Japan. 

Red and White Dress Up Day!! 

Geni came in to teach us origami. We learnt how to fold a Japanese crane! 

5th Class visit to view our projects!

We tried our hand at making Sushi! Sushi is a very popular Japanese dish made traditionally with fish, rice and seaweed. We decided to stick with vegetables though!


Finishing off our origami. It's harder than it looks!

 Yatta! We did it! 

Hope you enjoyed a quick snap shot of our week.  

June Homework