Monday, 9 October 2017


This week's homework: 

Maths - Data
English - Adjectives 
Gaeilge: Daoine

Spellings: Pattern 'mid' 
  1. Midday
  2. Midnight
  3. Midsummer
  4. midfield
  5. midpoint
  6. midterm
  7. midweek
  8. midyear
  9. midlife
  10. midway
  11. middle
  12. midbrain
  13. midwinter 
Please write 3 super sentences using 2 spellings in each sentence. 
ie I had the misfortune to mislay my homework. 

Reader: Every child is working through their sails books, practicing their fluency and decoding skills.Please listen to your children reading 2-3 pages and ask them questions to help develop their comprehension. 

Gaeilge: Daoine
Please practice Irish Spellings nightly. 
  1. Buachaill
  2. cailín
  3. fear
  4. bean
  5. garda
  6. dochtúir
  7. múinteoir 
Please put 3 Irish spellings into sentences
ie Is maith liom cáca milis. 

Leigh sa bhaile: Leigh lch 13-16
Can parents ask the children the questions that appear on the page and go through the tricky vocab in the corner. 

There is a parents resource page for this: Use this website, by ticking Fouth class, Gaeilge, Léigh sa Bhaile D, then clicking view resources beside the page you are doing that night (lch9 - means page 9).

I have assigned the children an account on duolingo. They have a username and login under my classroom account. We will be using this for school work but it would also be helpful if they could login sometimes at home. Every few weeks I will assign tasks to complete in accordance with the topic being studied. ie Bia =Food. Could all children bring in a pair of earphones to use for this purpose next week. We have laptops on a Monday afternoon. 

New Info: Sutton Park Open Evening
Open Evening Thursday 12th October from 18.30-20.15 if any of you wish to attend. 

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