Friday, 1 December 2017

Winter Assembly Announcement

Christmas Carol, The Characters:
Scrooge - Toju
Bob Crachit – Matt
Fred – Josh KW
Tiny Tim  – Alex
Bob’s Wife  – Juliette
Bob’s daughter  – Ciara
Jacob Marley – Nayan
Robert Marley – Ben
Ghost 1 – Anna
Ghost 2 – Meadhbh
Ghost 3 –  Harry
Mr. Frezziwig  – Reece
Girl -  Mya

Narrator 1- Josh W
Narrator 2-  Nadia
Narrator 3 – Riya
Narrator 4 -  Taylor
Narrator 5 – Lilla
Narrator 6 – Natalia
Narrator 7 – Lily
Narrator 8 – Marc
Narrator 9 – Mustafa
Narrator 10 – Sophie
Narrator 11- Aoibhinn
Narrator 12- Josh W
Narrator 13-Victoria
Narrator 14 – Victoria 

Narrators - All black with Santa Hats (Navy / Grey if black is not possible) 
Scrooge- Business like outfit 
Bob Crachit - trousers, shirt , waistcoat/jacket 
Fred:  trousers, shirt  
Tiny Tim:  trousers, shirt , waistcoat/jacket 
Bob's wife: Dress, cardigan, apron 
Bob's daughter: dress 
Job and Robert Marley: White shirt, Grey/ dark trousers
Ghost 1: Pale dress
Ghost 2: Red dress / very festive 
Ghost 3: Cape (I have one)
Mr. Frezziwig - trousers, shirt , waistcoat/jacket 
Girl: dress/ trousers, cardigan, scarf 

If any one has any props that they would have that are suitable and they are willing to let us borrow them, I would be very grateful. If you have any questions about costumes please feel free to email me. I kept the costumes simple so hopefully most children have these items already. Please just use what you have at home! 

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