Monday, 16 April 2018

This Week's Homework

English Spellings:

1.      unusual
2.      untrue
3.      unkind
4.      unable
5.      unfair
6.      unhealthy
7.      unsafe
8.      unhappy
9.      uneven
10.  uncomfortable
11.  unremarkable
12.  unimaginable
13.  unbroken

 Gaeilge: ao pattern 
 1. caora
2. lao
3. taos fiacla 
4. an ghaoth 
5. gaofar 
6. daor 
7. saor 
8. naomh 

There is NO SUPER SENTENCES in English or Irish this week. Do not put spellings into sentences. 

English: Comprehension and Questions on China. Answer section A, B and C. Write answers in homework copy. 
Independent reading 10 mins each night, of a book of own choice. Fill in Reading Log. 
Gaeilge: Na Litreacha ao. Section A & B 
Maths : Length 

We have a student teacher in our room for the next few weeks. Her name is Cliodhna. She will be teaching lessons daily. 

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