Monday, 14 May 2018



1.      would/ wood
2.      waist/ waste
3.      flu/ flew
4.      read/ red
5.      sword/ soared
6.      whole/ hole
7.      hoarse/ horse
8.      pain/ pane
9.      our/ are
10.  aloud/ allowed
11.  their/ there/ they’re
12.  break/ brake
13.  weather/ whether   

 1. ainm
 2. aintín
 3. aimsir
 4. airgead 
 5. carraig 
 6. cairde
 7. maidin 
 8. bainne 

 Gaeilge : Sheet Section A 
  Maths 3D Q1 and Q2 
 English: Read Comprehension Answer Q1-3 (A) 


 Gaeilge : Sheet Section b
  Maths 3D Q3
 English: Read Comprehension Answer Q4-5 (A) 

   Maths Time Q1-4
 English: Read Comprehension Answer Q1-3 (B) 

  Maths Time Q5-9  
 English: Read Comprehension Answer Q4-5 (B)

   Award Ceremony in St. Mary's Holy Faith Killester this week
My class have been involved in the paired reading project in conjunction with the TY students in St. Mary's Holy Faith. The girls from TY have been coming into our class over the past few weeks and engaging in reading activities. We are invited to their school for an awards ceremony on Thursday 17th May. The children will all receive a certificate for participating in the programme. Can I kindly ask for €5 per child to cover the cost of the bus by Wednesday. 

School Tour May 28th 
For our school tour we will be going to Dublinia Viking and Medieval Experience and Viking Splash. 
The cost of the tour is €20. If you would like to pay in installments that is perfect, please email me to let me know if you are doing this. This tour links in with our SESE curriculum in history and the topic of Vikings, which we have been studying lately. Please let me know if your child is unable to attend the tour. 

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